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Fading and Framing

Artwork fades over time with exposure to light but there’s a lot you can do to prevent this or at least slow it down significantly. If you have bought an inexpensive print and want a few years out of it, a simple frame, not left in direct sunlight will do. But if you have invested in an original, or simply adore your print and want it forever (of course you do!), take good care of it. Do not ever leave art in the sun. Store art in an archival portfolio. Frame your art in a custom frame (archival backing, archival glass, archival mat, etc.) When you are shopping for materials look for the words “acid-free”, “archival” and “light-fast” or have the framing specialist help you. Even house lights will eventually fade art. All my prints and originals are done on archival, acid-free papers, but anything coming into contact with your art must be taken into account. Custom, archival framing is an investment. IMO, the most important parts are the paper your art is on, the backing and the glass. If you want to make a hybrid archival/non-archival frame you can always stick in an acid-free sheet of paper behind your piece to protect the back and ask your local frame store for a special cut, archival glass for your regular frame. Archival mat board can be bought off the self at your art store or Michaels. You decide what works best for you and your budget. A 100% archival frame is the best case scenario, I will leave this piece as a legacy to my children situation. And for the price of a custom frame you may be able to buy another 5-10 prints. I recommend at least a simple frame and mat even for prints. The whole point is to put something you find beautiful in your home where you’ll see it often and frames make art look so much nicer and offer some protection.


Smudges and Cleanliness

Paper, and drafting film especially, will pick up oil from your skin. It’s important that you handle your art (original or prints) by the edges only. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before you remove your art from the protective sleeve. If you mean business, use clean gloves. Never have food around your unprotected art. If the framing specialists you visit don’t use gloves while handling your art, thank them for their time and find someone else!

Originals may have tiny smudges of pigment on the paper. These smudges can be cleaned up digitally for the prints but are just part of owning an original. You can see where the pigment was laid down and where tiny bits of it got away. These imperfections are how you can tell a person’s warm hand passed over the paper for many hours.



Prints and Cards:

Please contact me about any concerns with your order. I will gladly take returns on undamaged prints sent back to me within one week of being received. If your product was damaged upon arrival, please let me know, and I will replace it.

I take great care to get your art to you in a pristine state. Once you have your art, it’s yours to protect.


Please contact me with any concerns regarding your order as soon as possible but at least within one week of receiving your art. My preference is to send photos of the original before I mail it so you can see its condition and confirm your purchase. If there is a framing issue I will problem solve with you. If something happened to the artwork while it was in the post, send me clear photos of the damage so that I may start the insurance claim process. I will refund your money in this case, or make another original drawing for you, as is your preference. If you are dissatisfied with the artwork itself, please return it to me in the condition in which you received it, packed carefully in a rigid envelope with insurance and tracking. If it returns to me damaged, I cannot refund your money.

Commission Deposit and Payments Process

Discussing what you would want out for your commissioned art, what is it, how big, which media, and how detailed are all part of the quote process. Once a price and details are agreed upon, I will send a written agreement to you which will include the details of the artwork and a payment schedule. In order to begin the composition I require a 50% deposit. This is when I will send composition and color samples so you can decide how you want your art to be specifically.  A lot of time and energy can be spent on getting the composition just right. I want you to love your artwork but also please understand that no one can perfectly predict the outcome of the creative process. If we have a lot of back and forths, I will suggest we either meet in person, we skype, or speak on the phone to streamline this process. Once you are happy with the composition I will begin working on your piece. The time involved depends on the work but you will receive regular updates on its progress. Once completed, I will send photos and you can tell me if you want anything added, something tweaked or a message put on the piece itself. Once I receive your final payment via check, Paypal or credit card, I will ship your piece to you in a protected, rigid envelope with insurance and tracking. And of course, I am eager to hear as soon as you receive your art, what you think and how you like it. 

Signatures and Messages

I am happy to include a custom signature or message on a print or an original piece of art, however this will make the item ineligible for a return. I recommend these be kept short and sweet. I can also include a hand written or typed (depending on the length) note with the item being shipped. When you add an item to your cart there will be an option for this message. When this field is filled out the default is to send a separate message. If you want something personalized on the art itself, send me an additional message via the Commissions tab.

Special Requests (Not quite a commission)

If you see a print or an original that you would like as a print or on a greeting card, or something else, send me a message. Possibly, I simply never got around to making something yet and it would be no trouble. Please, allow some extra time for these to be made.

Out of Stock?

For prints and cards this is easily remedied but may require a few more days to fulfill an order. Please, send me a message to request that a certain piece be printed. For an original please see my Commissions tab.

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