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Thank you for your interest in a custom-made piece of artwork.


I am happy to help you realize your vision. I most typically draw animals but also do shells, bones, teeth, feathers, plants and anything from the natural world. I most typically work in color pencil. If you want another medium we will have to discuss exactly what you want. I am working to become proficient in water color, scratch board, carbon dust and pen and ink and an open to requests. However, if I feel I would not produce good work for you, I know other artists I can recommend who do lovely work.


Maybe you are looking for a thoughtful gift for new parents, adding their favorite baby animal to their nursery. Perhaps you’d like to have a portrait of your favorite puppy or kitten photo. I can render an anatomically accurate depiction of your study organism to publish in an article or as part of a presentation. Publishing a book and need illustrations? Whether you’d like sketched beachy accents for a wedding invitation or botanical decorations for a garden party, I can help.


Pricing is based on the size and complexity of the piece in mind. Consider black and white or color and what level of detail you would like. Do you want just the subject or would you like a full or partial background. Most clients only wish to purchase rights to the original image but exclusive rights to reproduce the image can also be purchased.


Please contact me with your ideas and I will give you a quote. If something is not within your budget we can discuss other options. Once we agree on the details and pricing of the piece you want I will send you a PIP form to sign and return with your deposit. Once the work begins, I will send progress updates so you can see your creation come to fruition.  


I use all archival materials to last. You can pick up your artwork if you are local or I will ship it to you in a protected envelope.

Baby looking at deer
Customer with gorilla
Customer with rhino
Plant illustration
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